Liven up your texts, social media posts, and emails with Sam-oji’s patriotic American emojis!
The easy-to-use Sam-oji app gives you more than 500 patriotic American emojis and stickers you can use to show your American pride.

With two keyboard options, you can toggle between Sam-oji’s engaging patriotic emoji and sticker collection and the same standard Unicode emojis you find on your phone.

Among Sam-oji’s 500+ USA-themed emojis and stickers you can share with your friends and family are:

  • Adorable USA-proud male and female faces with different skin tones
  • Patriotic-themed images that celebrate all things American
  • Typical American sports, food & drink images
  • Images for key American holidays

The Sam-oji app is proudly made in the USA by Americans for Americans!