Press Release Shem-Oji

(Wellington, FL, USA) B. A. Miracle Group, LLC, a technology and graphic design company, has launched Shem-oji, a new emoji app for mobile phones and tablets. Shem-oji has more than 500 distinctive and appealing emojis that represent the Jewish culture and religion. The app, one of the first of its kind for the global Jewish community, offers a unique set of adorable faces and graphics of Jewish foods, holidays, and iconic images that enhance texts, social media posts, and emails.

Users find the app’s emojis to be particularly appealing for social media posts as using Shem-oji’s emojis gives them a set of creative images they can easily use to engage with friends and family members in the United States, Israel and around the world.

The goal of the app is to provide users with a simple tool to further embrace Jewish and Israeli cultures and, above all, show their Jewish pride!

Sani Ben Atia, co-founder of B. A. Miracle Group, LLC and lead design executive for the app, stated, “As people began increasingly using emojis and emoticons in messaging, emails, and social media over the past year, we quickly realized that were no specialized emojis available for Jews to celebrate our heritage, religion, or holidays. To fill this void, we carefully designed and selected each and every emoji in the Shem-oji app to be engaging and reflective of the rich Jewish culture and wonders of Israel.

Our app’s keyboard is simple to download to your smartphone, and Shem-oji’s simple keyboard design and function make it easy to share its enchanting Jewish emojis with friends and family.”

Shem-oji was released in The App Store in early October, and hundreds of users are already customizing their texts, emails and social media posts with its Jewish-themed emojis.

The app is currently available for purchase for only US$0.99 through Apple’s App Store, and it will be available on Google Play by mid-November 2016.

ABOUT B. A. Miracle Group, LLC

B. A. Miracle Group, LLC is a technology company started by executives from Israel and the United States with decades of experience leading successful corporate and entrepreneurial ventures. Shem-oji is the first in a series of specialized emoji apps in B.A. Miracle Group’s Ojiworld division.